Renewables Plymouth

DJP Heating install, repair and service Renewable Energy sources in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.

Heating Renewables in Plymouth

DJP Heating offers a variety of Renewables for Plymouth. Our accredited plumbers are fully trained and proficient in offering Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal, and Air Conditioning.

Renewable Energy Plymouth - Air Source Heatpump - DJP Heating Ltd

Air Source Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning

It is becoming more common these days, to replace boilers with renewables in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall, with Air Source Heat Pump steadily replacing existing heating and hot water systems. When properly designed and installed, a heat pump system can be up to four times more efficient than a modern condensing boiler. We collaborate under the umbrella of the MCS Accreditation system, to enable you to access Government Incentive Schemes for Panasonic Heat Pumps.

As F-Gas Approved and City and Guilds Qualified installers of Air Conditioning Systems, we can advise you on the best system for your space and expertly install the perfect solution for your needs. DJP Heating will handle the entire process, including the design, quote, and installation. For more information, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our friendly team.

Renewable Energy Plymouth - Solar Panels - DJP Heating Ltd

Solar Thermal Plymouth

Solar water heating systems capture energy from sunlight using either flat panels or evacuated tubes, both of which can be installed directly onto your roof tiles. The energy collected in the solar panels is then transferred through pipes directly into your hot water cylinder. Using a solar thermal system can significantly reduce your reliance on gas or electricity to heat your water and, in turn, reduce your carbon footprint.  Our plumbers at DJP Heating, can install these renewables on request.

Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall are excellent locations to install solar water heating systems due to the high amount of solar radiation received in the area. This system can efficiently heat your water using the free energy from sunlight, reducing hot water costs all year round. In the winter, you may need to top up, using your boiler.  However during a good summer, this system is especially effective in its own right, leading to a significant reduction in bills.

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