Boiler Repair Plymouth

Our knowledgeable Plumbers at DJP Heating, provide Boiler Repair across Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall.

Our Boiler Repair Service

Our Gas Safe Registered Plumbers are available to help repair your boiler. We offer reliable heating system repair services to households and businesses throughout Plymouth, Devon, and Cornwall. Our customers keep coming back to us, due to our excellent workmanship and fair pricing.

Boiler Repair Plymouth - Green Energy Boiler - DJP Heating Ltd

Boiler On the Blink?

Throughout your boiler’s life span, like anything with mechanical parts, repairs will inevitably be needed at some point. Whilst some issues can be identified during Boiler Servicing, neglecting even minor problems between services can result in significant and expensive issues. We offer appointments, and even an emergency call-out service, to carry out Boiler Repairs in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall, therefore adding to the longevity of your heating system.

When you contact DJP Heating, we will evaluate your boiler, identifying any issues, and, in most cases, carrying out necessary work on the spot, as many of the required components are usually carried in our vehicles. If Boiler Repair is not cost-effective, we prioritise honesty and transparency and can offer credible advice and a quote for a Boiler Replacement.  

Boiler Repair Plymouth - Boiler in Loft Space - DJP Heating Ltd

How to Spot if Your Boiler Needs Repair

If your boiler stops producing hot water and/or fails to heat your radiators, it clearly indicates a breakdown. However, it’s always a good idea to regularly check your boiler and radiators, to catch any warning signs before they escalate. Have you noticed any unusual noises or odours emitting from the unit? Has your carbon monoxide alarm been triggered? Are you experiencing unexpectedly high energy bills?  Call us.

Wear and tear through constant use can require all manner of Boiler Repairs, from issues such as low boiler pressure, cold spots on radiators, no hot water, a faulty thermostat, leaks, corrosion, the build-up of sludge or debris, trapped air, boiler noises, or frozen pipes. Contact DJP Heating, so we can professionally assess your boiler.  Wherever possible, we will fix the problem and will solve your issues in a timely manner.  You can rest assured we will be completely truthful, and advise you of the most cost-effective solution.

Boiler on the blink?